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Boy Eats Bug

Confectionery for Boys and Girls with Dirty Knees

Boy eats Bug ChocolateAn innovative new London-based confectionery company inspired by natural history has created a range of chocolates that includes a leech, a garden snail, a warty toad, a newt, fossils and an endangered beetle.  Food artists Sarah Hardy and Chris Verraes are opening the doors to their new joint venture: Boy Eats Bug which will appeal to children, natural history buffs, sweet and chocolate lovers alike.

Sarah and Chris are self-taught chocolatiers with cake making, sculpting and crafting backgrounds; both equally fascinated by the natural world.

Sarah left a career in prop-making to start a family which she combined with cake making and drawing. She’s now moved full circle and joins all these worlds into Boy Eats Bug.

Chris draws inspiration from growing up in a river flood land, a natural habitat to amphibians, birds and insects combined with a fascination for natural history museums and his own two children.

‘We can hopefully all remember what it was like to be a child, discovering something for the first time’, says Chris, ‘The wonder and excitement of being confronted by something amazing – something strangely beautiful like a frog or a dragonfly or a dinosaur’.

Sarah explained: ‘We are following our passions; this has led to us wanting to create a fun, family friendly business. We are artists with a love of natural history and a background in luxury confections. So obviously we had to make Boy Eats Bug happen!’

In December 2012 Sarah made a turkey cake so highly realistic it was impossible to tell apart from a real raw turkey. The orange and rum spice cake ‘turkey’ featured in press and social media around the world, including the Daily Mail and Huffington Post.

Boy eats Bug has now created ‘Darwin’s Parlour’. An installation that forms part of the Appetite Food Festival in East London this June.

Boy Eats Bug chocolates will be available from September 2013  in Selfridges and on the Boy Eats Bug website, www.boyeatsbug.co.uk

Sarah and Chris are also available for commissions. If you would like to work with them, devise your own chocolate or would be interested in stocking the Boy Eats Bug range you can contact them direct: sarah@boyeatsbug.co.uk and chris@boyeatsbug.co.uk

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